Unit 1: Introduction to historical thinking

EQ: How do we know what happened in the past?

Content: Students will learn about the different groups of people who came to settle in the western hemisphere at various times.  First we will look at the “Land Bridge Theory” as an explanation for how the first people came to the Americas as well as the story of the first Viking settlers.

Purpose: Introduction to historical thinking, looking at evidence, examining its meaning.

Assessments: Writing assignment explaining the land bridge theory. Periodic assessment #1.

Day 6 (9/29, 9/30)

  1. Worked with partners to use ch 13 to help corroborate the Saga of the Greenlanders with archaeological evidence.
  2. Viewed powerpoint on the background of Europe before Columbus.

Europe before Columbus

3. Gave back previous homework assignments


Read and answer questions on Columbus Background
ead chapter 14.

Day 5 (9/25, 9/28)

  1. Discussed the meaning of the term oral history
  2. Read and evaluated part of the Saga of the Greenlanders story and discussed the value of oral history in learning about the past.


Finish reading the  Saga of the Greenlanders handout and answer questions
Read chapter 13

Day 4 (9/21, 9/22)

  1. Collected previous class’s homework.
  2. Administered Periodic Assessment #1.


Read chapters 4 and 8.

Day 3 (9/17, 9/18)

  1. Reviewed previous night’s homework
  2. Worked with partners to complete group worksheet analyzing the evidence on the Land Bridge Theory

Land Bridge Theory Analysis2015b

3. Viewed powerpoint to help explain how the Earth’s landscape has changed since the last Ice Age



Complete the homework posted at the bottom of the group worksheet.

Day 2 (9/11, 9/16)

  1. Switched seats
  2. Reviewed homework and discussed what we can learn from our society from the stuff in our rooms.
  3. Discussed when we think American History starts
  4. Discussed how we can learn about ancient history
  5. Received new textbooks and read chapter 3


Based on chapter 3, explain the important details about the land bridge theory.

Make a list of the evidence discussed in the chapter.

Day 1 (9/9, 9/10)

1. Reviewed with students topics they covered in history class last year.

2. Had students analyze the contents of their pockets to determine what conclusions a future historian would come to about our civilization.

Discussed those ideas in groups and shared with the class.

3. Distributed course outline and went over basic ideas about the class. Gave out the following handouts.

Website info

Humanities Homework Day 1

Course Outline and Procedures 2015-2016




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