Unit 4: Toward 13 Colonies

EQ: Which factors affected the development of the English colonies in America?

Final Assessment: Test on vocabulary and the different characteristics of the first 13 colonies.

Additional materials for the colonial unit

Day 11 (43) (1/27, 1/28)

GQ: What was the Atlantic Trade System? What was its function?

  1. Discussed and defined system, raw materials, and finished products
  2. Read pages 142-144.
  3. Discussed the trade system, what each part was and what each contributed.

Day 10 (42) (1/25, 1/26)

  1. Worked in groups to define key terms from colonial vocabulary

Day 9 (41)


Discussed South Carolina’s history as a colony

Worked on defining key vocabulary terms.

7-2, 7-1

Absent Plans

Day 8 (1/19, 1/20 (40)

  1. Map Quiz
  2. Finish the compare and contrast between the Southern and New England colonies (7-3)
    2. Start the colonial vocab sheet to define key terms in our current unit.



Read chapter 35. Write 3 D/I post its

7-2, 7-1

Finish colonial vocab sheet.

Day 7 (1/14, 1/15) (39)

GQ: What were the major differences between the Southern and New England colonies?

  1. Identified key categories for us to compare two groups of colonies.
  2. Worked to complete a chart with major categories on the chart.


Study for map quiz

Day 6 (1/12, 1/13) (38)

GQ: What were the key geographical features of the 13 colonies?

  1. Wrote about and discussed: Who is to blame for King Philip’s War?
  2. Started filling out 13 colonies map. Colony Map Assignment
    13 Colonies Map


Finish completing your maps.

Day 5 (1/8, 1/11) (37)

GQ: What were the causes and consequences of King Phillip’s War?

  1. Read chapter 22, identified key causes and consequences of King Phillip’s war.
  2. Discussed in groups long term and short term causes of the war.


Read and annotate King Phillip

Day 4(1/6, 1/7) (36)

GQ: Were the Puritans selfish or selfless?

  1. Discussed definitions and examples of selfish and selfless behavior.
  2. Read and analyzed two primary source documents from the Puritans.
    Puritans Handout


Finish answering the questions from the handout documents

Day 3 (1/4, 1/5) (35)

GQ: What were the Puritans’ beliefs?

  1. Discussed the differences between the Pilgrims and Puritans.
  2. Read chapter 15 identifying key beliefs and characteristics of the Puritans.
  3. Discuss in groups and as a class Puritan beliefs and ideas


  1. Read chapters 16 and 20. Write 2 D/I post its in each.


Day 2 (12/22, 12/23) (34)

GQ: Why did the settlers in Plymouth have a better relationship with the Indians than the settlers in Jamestown did?


Day 1 (12/18, 12/21) (33)

GQ: What did the Pilgrims believe and why did they leave England?

  1. Discussed the main branches of Christianity and some basic historical events that led to their creation.
  2. Discussed how the Pilgrims fit into the religious dichotomies in Christianity.
  3. Read chapter 13.



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