Post It Intro

Mini Lesson #1


Using post its while reading our textbook

  1. Why write post its?
  • To write down important ideas and questions while reading.
  • Helps keep track of what’s going on.
  • Can’t write in the book, post its the next best thing.
  • Easily find important info/things to study from.
  • Slows your reading down so you can focus and absorb more.


  1. Recommended procedure for reading and using post its.

Step 1: As you read something for the first time, don’t write any post its. Instead, “bookmark” a spot by placing a blank post it on the part you found important.

Step 2: Think about the topic, its relationship to the EQ, the GQ, the time period, etc.

Step 3: Reread (not necessarily every word) and then write thorough post its and stick them in the relevant parts of the text.

Remember!!! Post its are supposed to help you, not me. When you are writing a post it, always ask yourself how useful it is for you. If you are simply writing words so you can say that you did it please reconsider.



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