Jamestown Additional Materials


1. Here is an interesting short video about the Lost Colony of Roanoke, England’s first attempt at colonizing the New World.


2. The New World (2005)


3. Pocahontas (1995)

We watched a clip from this movie in class.  This Disney version is very loosely based on the actual history of the time period but at the same time lends itself to some great critical analysis of the depictions of Indians from this time period as well as the colonial period.

If you want to watch this movie, I can give you a copy. Just ask me in class.


1. A famous English artist named John White painted the people, communities, and landscapes he saw and these provide some of the most interesting views of the Native American cultures that we have available to us today.  Here is a link to some of his paintings.  Along with his paintings are the etchings of another artist named De Bry who based his works on those of White.


2. John Smith Jamestown Map (click to enlarge)


3. Collection of maps of Colonial Virginia

4. More maps of Colonial Virginia


1. Article from National Geographic Jamestown: Found and Lost

The article focuses mainly on the environmental changes in Jamestown upon English arrival and the dramatic transformation that happened overall.

Click on the link to download the article or click here to go to the National Geographic page with images and interactive features.

2. From the same national geographic page, an interactive “tour” of Jamestown and the neighboring settlement. Really cool.


3. From the same National Geographic issue, dozens of photos of the artifacts that have been unearthed at the original Jamestown site as well as the accompanying article



4. From US News and World Report, an article about the establishment of Jamestown. The article was a part of a larger series in the issue on Jamestown. There are links to other articles on the left side of the page. Some of them are really interesting and linked below.

About the establishment of Jamestown: http://www.usnews.com/usnews/news/articles/070121/29jamestown.htm

About Pocahontas:  http://www.usnews.com/usnews/news/articles/070121/29pocahontas.htm

About diseases brought to the New World


The first slaves in Jamestown


5. Anglo-Powhatan Wars

6. Archaeological Discoveries in Jamestown

Print Story: Jamestown unearths 400-year-old pipes for patrons – Yahoo! News



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