General Resources

1. Education Portal Videos

Brief animated videos and summaries of historical content from American History

2. America the Story of Us

A series of 45 minute videos produced by the history channel. Nicely made and well produced, the videos start in colonial times and go all the way to modern day. Entertaining and informative. Not the best but overall decently made and worth watching.

3. Crash Course youtube videos

This is a series of 47 short animated videos hosted by author John Green. These are not a substitute for learning about a topic but a good introduction or summary. Pretty informative and entertaining.

4. Planet Money Podcasts

For those who are interested in topics relating to the economy in a great, entertaining format, check out this podcast. You can stream it from the website or download episodes directly to your phone with the iPhone podcast app.

Planet Money Podcast

Some of my favorite episodes:

a. “Birth of the Dollar Bill

Where did the dollar bill come from? Who prints it? There was a time when there wasn’t a single US bill. Check out the story.

b. “Birth of the Fed”

What were the circumstances for the creation of the United States central bank?

5. TED Ed Videos



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