Determining Importance

1. What’s important?

You decide what is important by focusing on information related to the essential question, guiding question, the topic, time period, etc.

A word, sentence, caption, picture, concept, or theme can be important.

Once you have decided what is important, you write a post it that can refer to the information in the book but focus on your ideas.

2. How can I word a Determining Importance Post it?

You can (but don’t have to) use the following phrases:

“It says that…this is important because…”

“…relates to the essential question because…”

“…is an important detail about the time period because it tell me that…”

What is the common a bond among these starters?

Each requires reference to the text and an explanation of your thoughts and choice.  Each post it deals with the “What” and the “Why.”

Be careful not to copy down too much from the text, paraphrasing a sentence or two is enough.

3. Excellent Examples

a. “It says that the English and Powhatan traded with each other.  This is important because it shows that the two groups cooperated and depended on each other which would probably lead to a peaceful relationship in which the two groups might be able to coexist on the same land.”

b. “It says that the streets of London were overcrowded and full of poor people.  This tells you a lot about the time period and how difficult life in England was.  This give us a big reason why so many people wanted to go to the New World, to avoid difficult lives in England.”


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