Don’t spend too much time thinking about your conclusions at this point, just follow some simple points.

1. Try to restate your thesis and  summarize your overall points in a couple of sentences.  Try to avoid being repetitive or listing your points.  Discuss them as you would in any other paragraph.

2. Try to end it by tying it all together in a sentence or two that can add a new idea or point that is like a final thought that really makes your point.


As soon as the English set foot in Jamestown, conflict between the two groups of people was inevitable.  There were many opportunities for a peaceful relationship but those opportunities only would have delayed the inevitable fight that was caused by the irreconcilable goals, characteristics, and actions of the two groups of people.  The story of Jamestown was only one example in a long history of conflict between Europeans and the Native Americans which led to the almost complete colonization of the Americas.


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