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Best Colony Map from 7-1


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Slave Trade Map

The last couple of classes we spent time going over the Atlantic Trade System (Triangular Trade) . Here is an interesting map that gives some sense of the scale of the slave trade out of Africa and the destinations of all … Continue reading

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Interactive World Map if All the Ice on Earth Melted

Here’s a cool map from National Geographic that shows what the world map would look like if all the ice on Earth’s poles melted and sea levels rose.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Click on each continent to see the changes.

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Where will the new nations in the world be formed?

This is an excellent overview of the places in the world where we could see new nations formed from existing ones and new borderlines drawn. Really cool summary.  

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NY City Historical Maps

Hope you’re enjoying your time off.  Wanted to share an interesting interactive map of nyc’s history that allows you to scroll back and forth through time to see how Manhattan has changed.  There are multiple maps you can view from … Continue reading

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Ptolemey’s Map

A week or two ago there was some question about the map that appears in our textbook in Chapter 15 on pages 74-75. There was some weird Latin writing on it and faces blowing wind from the different directions. I … Continue reading

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Vinland Map

In Chapter 13 there is a mention of a map allegedly made in 144o that was brought to a Yale bookseller that shows Vinland as place discovered by Bjarni and Leif.  I asked you not to use this as evidence … Continue reading

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