Additional Materials for the Discovery of America Unit

(Under Construction)

First Americans

1. Earliest Humans

This website has a great animation that maps out the spread of humans out of Africa and around the world and has information about what was going on at each key moment.

This site shows the various sites of fossil and other archaeological remains from the earliest humans around the world.

Similar to the first link above this site shows the path humans took around the world along with some of the key moments and highlights explained.

Journey of Man Documentary on Youtube.


2. Ice Age Maps

Here are some good maps from the last Ice Age that give you a sense of the impact of glacier formation and melting as well as their impact on the changing of the sea level.

3. Archaeology regarding the first Americans

Here are some links

4. Living in New York City people get a poor sense of how many Native Americans are living in the US today and how many reservations there are around the country.  Here is a really great, detailed map of Native American reservations today

4. Columbus and European Exploration

How did we find out the Earth was round?

World without Americas

5. Vikings

6. Discovery of America


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