Additional Materials for the American Revolution Unit

Here are some additional resources that relate to our unit on the American Revolution.

Primary Sources
Teacher Resources


1. The War that Made America

Here is a link to the website associated with the documentary we watched in class. There are some interesting features here. If you can get the documentary from netflix it is worth watching though it is four parts. If you bring me a flash drive I can give you a copy of it or you can watch it on youtube (the link works as of 2/5/13).

Here is a link to the website of the program itself.

2. Last of the Mohicans

A movie worth watching about this time period is called, The Last of the Mohicans. It was based on a novel written back in the 1800’s. The movie does a good job depicting the battle scenes and general scenery of upstate New York. It also does a nice job depicting life on the frontier and the often conflicting allegiances of the various Native American groups.

You can also watch this movie on youtube (link works as of 2/5/13).

Link for the IMDB page.

3. John Adams (Tv Mini Series)

Based on the famous David McCullough biography, HBO created a mini series that was seven parts long and included many events we learned about in class from the trial of the soldiers at the Boston Massacre to the Continental Congress and the Revolutionary War.

4. America the Story of US: Revolution

One of the episodes from the history channel series. 45 minutes. Concisely tells engaging stories of the war itself.


1. The following link is for the website that accompanied the “War that Made America” series. There are some interesting features

2. Debunking myths about the Boston Tea Party


French and Indian War

The first image shows the different land claims and settlements of the various European countries that claimed land in North America. This is prior to the French and Indian War.

frencha and indian war copy

The second image shows in very simple colors the change in land claims from before to after the French and Indian War. (click to enlarge)

French and Indian War Result

The third image shows the actual locations of the “settled” lands in British North America. Notice the differences between where lands are claimed and where they are settled. This map includes the “Proclamation Line of 1763” which we will learn about soon. This was one of the outcomes of the French and Indian War. (click to enlarge)

English Settlement-1

Stamp Act



Join Or Die

Image drawn by Ben Franklin used to promote his Plan for Union proposed at the Albany Conference, 1754














Primary Sources

1. The most well known description of the Boston Tea Party from a participant who wrote in detail about what happened.

George Hewes’ Eye Witness Account

2. Joseph Galloway, a Pennsylvania delegate to the First Continental Congress gave a speech against independence.

Joseph Galloway’s speech to the First Continental Congress

3. The document drafted at the Stamp Act Congress in New York, 1765

Here you can download a simplified version I use in my 7th grade class.

Stamp Act Congress Declarations

4. Patrick Henry’s Stamp Act Speech and Declarations

Teacher Resources

1. From the Gilder Lehrman Site:

The following website has a tremendous amount of useful materials for this unit from lectures by professors to lesson plans and primary sources.

“The Road To Revolution” Materials and Overview

2. The following is from the Stanford Reading like a historian curriculum.

Stamp Act Reading Like a Historian

3. Investigating Stamp Act Protests


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