Leaving BSGE

I’m sorry to share the news with you all that I’m leaving BSGE next year. I took a job at a different school called, The Clinton School for Writers and Artists, where I’ll be teaching 10th grade Government and Economics. To be clear, I’m not taking this job because I think this school is better than BSGE or that I am in any way unhappy with the teachers or students here, but after 11 years, I was looking for a new place that I thought I could spend a number of years working at.

Each year I’ve been working at BSGE I have had the privilege of teaching 7th grade. I have had an amazing experience of working with so many great groups of kids that I can’t find the words to express how fortunate I have been and how much I have enjoyed it. Most teachers have no idea how awesome it is to work with 7th grade, especially at BSGE because you’re all the hardest working, most caring, kindest, and most fun kids in the entire building.

I will miss the Team Geography Bee, going with you to Astoria Park and Alley Pond Park, having Advisory, obsessively buying books for my Advisory, bothering kids to return books to my Advisory, hearing my advisory ask every book talk presenter how many pages the book was, playing Jeopardy and watching you knock the markers off the table, criticizing your topic sentences, the BACC Rag, coaching the softball team, and a million other things I can’t think of right now.

I am really sad to leave because in addition to all of the above, I’ll be unable to see you all each and every day (no I wouldn’t have been your teacher but it’s a small school, you know, would have been hard to avoid me) and watch you all get older and think you’re too cool to talk to your 7th grade teacher (you won’t be too cool) and then hopefully get to teach you again in 12th grade Theory of Knowledge (an excellent course by the way). I’ve been lucky to have had as many years as I have had here because it is such a great school with so many great people. I will miss each and every one of you. I will take my experiences and knowledge with me wherever I go and I know you will all do the same.

You know my email address if you ever want to get in touch with me, I would love to hear how you’re doing. I’ll make sure to stop by next year so you can tell me in person.

Best of luck in the future,

-Mr. Lakhaney

P.S. I’m giving Mr. Mehan my entire Advisory library so if you want you can borrow books from him. If you owe me books, you know who you are, please return them to him.

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6 Responses to Leaving BSGE

  1. Helen says:


  2. Daniel says:

    It’s been a blast having you, I couldn’t think of a better humanities teacher to have that can be that funny. I hope you have a blast
    At your new school and that your students like you too as much as we did. The person that will miss you most of all is my brother and all the memories you guys had with each other, and will be devastated that he won’t be to see you at parent teacher conferences and talk “about how I’m doing in school”. What am I saying he’s mainly going to talk to the teachers he hasn’t seen in a while, and so will my teachers 😅😅. I bet you are laughing by now on how many mistakes I made 😅😓 But I honestly hope you have a good time over there (even though BSGE is way better 😉)

    Have a great summer and thanks for not giving up on me 😝
    ~ Daniel N 7-1

  3. Carole Filangieri (Niall's mom) says:

    Thank you so much for making the transition to a new school so much smoother. Good luck in your new position; it sounds like a fantastic opportunity!

  4. Emily says:

    You were a great teacher and its REALLY sad that you are leaving. It was fun learning about history with you in 7th grade and it will be weird in 8th grade not seeing you as often (since like you said its a small school).
    Good luck at your new school. I’ll miss the geography bees and playing jeopardy (especially how we beat the boys 6950 to 0 XD) and I’ll miss the fun times our class had with you. Best of luck
    – Emily 7-3

  5. Emily says:

    You are a great teacher and it is REALLY sad that you will be leaving.:( It was a really fun year learning about history with you as our teacher it take some time to get used to your absence (since like you said it is a small school.) I will also miss the geo bees, playing jeopardy (especially beating the boys 6950 to 0 XD) and I will miss the fun times our class had with you. Good luck in your next school. 🙂

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