Humanities HW 5/31, 6/1

  1. Study for your upcoming creating government’s test. 7-3 is on Thursday, 7-2 and 7-1 are on Friday.
    Use the test review sheet to help organize your work and studying: Test Review Sheet 2016
    If you’re missing any handouts, you can find a link for the handouts from the unit here:

2. How to study for the test.

In terms of the most effective ways to study, I would say that simply rereading all your notes over and over again would be ineffective and a waste of time. Start with the test review sheet. See how much you know by testing yourself. Compare your answers to your notes. What do you need to review more? What do you know well? Let your self tests be your guidelines.

You should also test yourself on the separation of powers and checks and balances work we did in class along with your quiz. Cover up the answers and see how well you can answer these questions.

Short essay

I am also going to ask you to write a short essay explaining the goals of the Constitution. I will ask you to explain specific historical events that led to these goals and discuss specific elements in the Constitution as examples and explain how those examples accomplished the goals of the Constitution (this is the work we did the last couple of classes).

In terms of organizing your thoughts and approaches, don’t treat each question, element, and vocabulary word as though they were separate and unrelated. Organize them starting from the broadest ideas about the goals of the constitution. Then think about the elements that accomplished those goals. What does each element specifically mean? How are they applied? And included in all of that are the vocabulary terms.

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